Outside The Old Forge B&B in Knockin, Shropshire Outside The Old Forge B&B in Knockin, Shropshire Inside The Old Forge B&B in Oswestry Self-catering holiday barn in Oswestry Shropshire
Old photos of The Old Forge, Knockin, Oswestry

Booking.com Award

In 2015 we were given an award by Booking.com, here's what they had to say:

Dear Partner.

It's time to celebrate an outstanding year!

We're thrilled to see that your guests have acknowledged your hard work by giving you a review score worthy of a Guest Review Award. We know that welcoming visitors day after day isn't always easy, but this is proof that you really know how to make each guest feel special.

Your review score marks you out as truly exceptional and we hope you display your award with the pride it deserves. It's so much more than a score after all.

Your Guest Review Award is a symbol of excellence as a best guest experience provider among some 800,000 properties on Booking.com; it's a sign of success that you can share with the rest of the world and it's a thank you from your guests. Those late nights or long shifts, the thoughtful touches that exceed expectations and all those times you went the extra mile - they didn't go unnoticed.

We take great care to ensure all of our guest reviews are legitimate and represent our Partners fairly. That's why a Guest Review Award from Booking.com is an inspiring achievement, and why it's such a privilege for us to present you with one.

Thank you for being a winning partner in 2015.

Warm regards.

Darren Huston
Chief Executive Officer

Gillian Tans
President & Chief Operating Officer


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